Who is Team XGS.  We’re an award-winning sign company.  We love what we do.  You’ll love what we do.  To put it best, we’re artists who happen to make signs.

Xpressive graphiX & Signs is a full service sign company specializing in all aspects of strategic visual communication.  Whether you’re looking for a complete sign package, vehicle wrap, dimensional sign, or logo design, it’s our mission to create it custom, just for you.  At XGS we never settle for ordinary, never say “good enough,” and routinely challenge our clients to feel the same.

With Team XGS our goal is to assist our clients in the uphill battle of standing out in today’s visually-saturated world.  Through 25+ years of experience we help our clients get noticed by taking a seemingly simple idea and making it grand.  Each day we work to provide our amazing clients with a landmark…something that can’t be missed, lost in the crowd or ignored.  Signs re-imagined is our tagline, and our mission, as we aim to create one-of-a-kind visuals that routinely make our clients – and their clients – say “wow!”

How do we gauge our success?  When our custom design solutions streamline our clients’ identity, elevate their visual presence, and ultimately help them succeed.  So go ahead, take the plunge and click the green button to your right and get started on your next project.  We’d love to hear from you, and most of us don’t bite!

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