About Us

Xpressive graphiX meagerly, yet ambitiously kicked things off in 2005 from the back of a roving RV.  While the plan was simple – change the way local, regional and national businesses viewed the possibilities from the sign and graphics industry – the execution was a little more challenging.  As the demand rapidly increased so did the potential for mistakes, and David and his little crew made plenty.  Eventually working out the kinks, Xpressive ditched the tenement on wheels and upgraded to a team of three in the company’s first office location.


Throughout the years Xpressive has unwaveringly stood by its core principle of developing creative, custom designs for every project, always encouraging its growing client list to “expect the unexpected.”  While this philosophy ultimately adds a few headaches by stretching the team’s hours and routinely flexing their creative muscles, they wouldn’t have it any other way.


Under the direction of creative director and shop foreman Tony Rose who joined the firm in 2009, Xpressive has become a creative force, developing some of the most unique and artistic sign projects seen today.  The company’s work has been featured in several trade publications and the company’s 3D sign for Olde Falls Inn won Signs of the Times Magazine’s prestigious International Sign Competition in 2013.


David Mattingly, Founder & CEO

After spending several years working in various design roles, David decided it was either time to try something else, or do things his way…little did he know over a decade later he’d being doing both.  After logging extensive road hours in his RV-based, mobile design business in 2005, he developed and refined Xpressive Graphix’s mission – be original, be great, be seen.  10 years later, and definitely in spite of himself, the company has moved out of the RV and caters to over 3000 clients.  Nobody is as surprised (and delighted) as David.

Tony Rose, Partner & Creative Director

Tony does it all.  No really, just stop by the office any given weekday and he’s the guy with the paint on his shorts, glue on his arms and sawdust in his hair.  He’s happy to shake your hand, but you’ll just wind up needing to wash it before you leave.

Yes, he has 20 years of experience in graphic design, illustration, and marketing.  Yes, he spearheads many game-changing campaigns including the company’s award-winning 3D project.  Yes, he also has a marketing background and went to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh…but why bore you with the details when you can see him covered in fiberglass resin?

Xpressive graphiX, ltd | 135 Muskingum Avenue | Zanesville, Ohio 43701 | 740.452.6804 fax: 740.452.6884