Your Look. Your Signature. Your Brand.

Unfortunately first impressions really do count, and your logo is the first information your audience processes about your company.   A well-designed logo instantly communicates your style and philosophy and is the foundation of your company’s brand.  Whether your company is conservative, casual, edgy, or uniquely you, Xpressive graphiX can create a custom, hand-illustrated, logo and identity package that precisely suits your business.


It’s Our Version of Cosmetic Surgery…Without the Duck Lips and Scars.

In today’s over-saturated advertising marketplace, vehicle wraps and large format graphics are an affordable and hugely effective way to increase brand identity and name recognition.  Utilizing our cutting-edge facilities we create photo-accurate, high-res advertising solutions for vehicles, walls of all sizes, and anything else that needs a visual punch up.  (Unfortunately our lawyers tell us we need to limit this to inanimate objects…for now!)

If done right, i.e. by Xpressive graphiX, high-quality wraps will turn your fleet or building into durable billboards that drive your marketing success – on and off the road!

Outstanding, Unique, Award-Winning Sign Solutions.

Xpressive graphiX combines new school technology with old-world, proven craftsmanship to provide our clients with fully customized signage.  Every successful business, from local small businesses to large corporations, benefits from a thoughtfully-designed sign.

With our thorough understanding of graphic design and the sign industry, we are uniquely qualified to lead your next project.  From a simple post and panel, the internally illuminated sign, and even 3D signage…we do it all!

We Live in a 3D World…Only the Best can Effectively Capture it in a Sign.

We have fun with everything we do, but we especially have fun creating your 3D sign because it highlights the originality that elevates us above the rest.  Xpressive graphiX is one of the industry’s preferred providers to transform your sometimes ordinary, easily ignored, flat sign to a memorable 3D customer magnet!

As people zoom by your location in cars you literally only have a couple of seconds…that’s seconds…to get their attention and effectively communicate your message.  We allow you to do that by not just creating a sign, but creating a landmark.    Imagine a hearing aid center with a giant 3D ear as a sign or a guitar shop with a huge 3D guitar marking the entrance.  With a little imagination and creativity, your sign can really stand out from the ordinary sea of rectangles.

Sign Outages, Lighting Maintenance, Installations? One call does it all!

Are you making the right first impression? Missing out on opportunities because when the sun goes down your business looks closed? It's critical to make sure that your sign is working properly and you parking lot is bright and inviting. Don't risk losing customers, we can help you keep your investment looking its best and doing the job you want it to, bringing in business 24/7. And remember, even if we didn't build it, our expert team can handle the installation.



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